West Virginia Republicans Plan Repeal of Minimum Wage

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UPDATE 4/12/16 — The below confirmed again this month as a Republican Delegate explicitly said he seeks to repeal the minimum wage:

Keep in mind that the idea that raising the minimum wage kills jobs has been debunked over and over again.


Perhaps we should have expected the attacks on construction workers’ prevailing wages, and union members contract wages when Republicans took over the West Virginia Legislature. We were warned they didn’t like blue-collar guys making decent money. But I have to admit I am shocked that they are now prepared to attack even the minimum wage in their quest to drive down paychecks and pad corporate profits.

Leading Republican Senator Charlie Trump specifically contemplated getting rid of even the minimum wage, as reported on MorganCountyUSA.org just this week. We are really coming to the point where you have to ask if there is any person in West Virginia earning a paycheck that Republicans don’t want to cut? First they didn’t want painters making $18 per hour, now they don’t want anyone making $8 an hour? How low can they go?

It’s not hard to see where this is coming from when you look closer. The endless millions in campaign contributions from out-of-state corporate groups have done their work on the mind of the modern Republicans. They now simply take their marching orders from billionaires like the Koch brothers, and nothing is sacred, not even the tiny minimum wage. Corporate America says jump, and Jeb Bush, Bill Cole, and JB McCuskey say “how high?”

Moneyed interests brought the party of “longer hours and lower wages” to power and moneyed interests are getting what they paid for. What in the world would make Jeb Bush go on TV and say Americans need to work longer hours when they are already struggling? With so many working people still living in poverty or barely keeping their heads above water, why would Senator Trump and Cole come out for repealing the paltry minimum wage? There’s only one reason: money.

The appetite of elite banking and corporate CEOs for more and more profits at the expense of working families can never be satisfied. The more money they take, the more they want, and they plow it back into Republican politicians, seeking more tax breaks, more legislative favors, and the abolition of every law and policy that protects working families. When we elect people who are only in it for themselves and their rich friends, well, you see what we get.

Meanwhile the Republican party files frivolous lawsuits to distract working people from the way their pockets are being picked, their paychecks are being cut and their opportunities are being taken away at every turn. Repeal the minimum wage? It’s time to repeal the Republican Legislature. Then we can finally get on with the real work around here: fixing our roads, investing in our children and making life easier for the families and workers who built this State and this Country.

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